I was absolutely amazed at the amount of interest Sir Faizan took in each and every students' progress. He mentored us beyond the course content and it was a joy studying with him! Pros of taking the course: A Great instructor, great networking opportunity areas that can be improved: The content was a lot as compared to the allocated time, maybe the content can be broken down into multiple courses..

Berjees Sheikh

It was good. The teaching pace was well suited for beginners and amateurs. The instructor was engaging and the TAs were phenomenal and dedicated. Generating tickets on GitHub was a good idea for project management and an added skill. The only caveat I think was the fact that the instructor should've practically demonstrated machine learning model techniques or an example of how to make an app on Rshiny etc..

Abdullah Sohail

It was a great learning experience with the Cube Statistica team. The content of the course was informative, especially the GitHub and Gitbash workflow for collaboration which was conducted at the beginning of the course. I really improved my visualization and data cleansing skills from the course. A few things can be improved like more theoretical content regarding some advance topics like Machine Learning etc..

Qasim Basra

I’m really happy that I took the decision to enroll myself into this course, amidst of my full time employment. I admire Sir Faizan's practical approach of teaching technical concepts in class, which instilled a long lasting impression of the concepts. I found him and all his TAs to be encouraging throughout the course, which made me bring out the best version of myself. At the end of six weeks, I found my knowledge in data science to be appreciably improved with a breadth of technical skills..

Soha Khan

The course started off very well. Everyone was actively participating. Sir Faizan made sure that the course was manageable with our other regular commitments. Some of us lost interest as the course progressed. We were also unable to stick to the initial schedule. Everything else made sense. The teacher assistants were excellent and composed. If we had kept to the schedule, we would have gone over ML models in depth...

Syed Hamza Ibrahim

Team CubeStatistica! Thankyou for creating this course. It was a wonderful learning experience with you. We have learned new stuff like R studio, Tableau, readings about ML, experience on different datas and GIT. Starting from basics to simple real world dataset. Sir Faizan and team done a great job. I wish we'd hear more from Sir Faizan and learn from his experiences. Hope to hear about another skill enhancement course on data science soon.

Umair Waseem