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About Us

Cube Statistica was established in 2016 to explore the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our team uses a business-focused approach to engineering solutions, aligning analytics, AI/ML approaches, and technology. Unleashing agile analytics within an enterprise where data is imprisoned in legacy platforms and infrastructure requires not just an IT transformation – but a data-first approach driven by an analytics partner.

Finally, to understand how the data-to-decision-making comes together requires excellent team dynamics and analyzing, designing, and building of the AI/ML application. The making of well-designed AI/ML solutions requires significant data engineering. Creating scalable modern solution architectures are key requirements for an AI/ML solution for production use.

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Our Services

Business Analytics

To aid corporations in making better strategic decisions using a data driven approach, a ready access to up-to-date, high quality data and analysis.Taking the guesswork out of business decisions using real metrics and insights.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning consulting empowers companies to build, design, and implement AI powered solutions. We work with organizations on how to most effectively and responsibly use AI to create values.


Biostatistics plays a critical role in the planning, preparation, and execution of any clinical program. Our statistical services encompass clinical study design, complex statistical analyses for life sciences data, epidemiology & public health, survey design & analysis, and much more.

Automating Business

A broad concept that applies to the modern workplace across all businesses and industries. Aiding companies in achieving digital transformation, streamline processes to increase quality, delivery and reduce costs.

Statistical Consulting

Empirically and statistically analyzing data using inferential models to explain the data for the purpose of understanding the effect of variables and the data itself.

Data Science

Comprehensive data solutions are created for our clients, by modernizing and building their data infrastructure. From visualizing to predictive modeling to creating dashboards integrated with databases optimizing a firm's decision making process.

Our Course

Online Professional Training for Machine Learning using Python

The course teaches students essential skills in Machine Learning and Data Science and combines the academic approach with practical applications. It is specifically designed for a professional work environment, providing practical machine learning training and teaching a professional Data Science software development workflow cycle.

Ensuring that students have the requisite skills, knowledge and are ready to work in a modern work environment from the first day of course completion. The course will utilize both R and Python in order to provide comprehensive skills.

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Faizan Khalid Mohsin.

Has a Bachelor of Mathematics and Statistics and a Masters in Biostatistics, both from the University of Toronto. He also has over 6 years of experience in advanced analytics, biostatistics, and cutting-edge machine learning solutions for businesses and institutions for building production Apps using R and Shiny.

Proficient in Python and R for supervised and unsupervised learning, predictive and prescriptive modeling, deep learning, time-series analysis, survival analysis, and longitudinal analysis, as well as building dashboards using Shiny.

Great communication skills and extensive teaching experience in machine learning and statistics using R and Python.

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